Pregnant women should drink at least 96 oz. (12 glasses) of water a day which is 50% more than the recommended daily water intake when not pregnant. Even more water should be consumed if you spend significant time in high heat or exercising. Drink an extra glass (8 oz.) for every hour of high heat or moderate exercise.

Drinking water during pregnancy is very important since it helps your baby grow healthy, reduces painful pregnancy symptoms, and keeps your body hydrated for better mental and physical performance. Below you’ll learn exactly how much water you should be drinking during pregnancy, reasons why you need so much water, and best practices for meeting your daily water intake during pregnancy.

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How much water to drink when pregnant?

According to the Institute of Medicine, the recommended water intake is 12 fluid ounces a day (12 glasses) during pregnancy. This is 50% more water compared to your water intake when not pregnant. On average, when you’re not pregnant you’ll want to drink a minimum of 64 fluid ounces a day (8 glasses).

#1) Carry essential nutrients to your baby.
Think of your body as an engine, food as gasoline, and water as oil. Without proper oil lubrication, the engine will not perform at it’s best. The same concept carries for your body. In order for nutrients from your foods to be delivered effectively to the growing baby, it’s needs to be properly transported through out the body.

#2) Reduce painful pregnancy symptoms. Common pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, and body swelling can be simply alleviated with correct water intake which properly hydrates body mechanics.

#3) Prevent dehydration. Pregnant or not, lack of proper hydration causes headaches, cramping, dizziness.

How much water to drink every day during pregnancy?

Your daily water intake depends on several factors:

– body weight
– activity levels
– temperature

Body weight. Based on the study from “—“, our body’s need 2 ounces for every 1 pound of body weight. Considering your pregnant, you’ve gained between 20-30 pounds of weight for the growing baby so you’ll need to adjust your recommended intake.

Activity levels. When you’re walking, jogging, or working out your body is using up more water to keep your muscles hydrated and recycling it out by sweating. Therefore, you’ll need to increase your water intake to meet your daily recommended levels during pregnancy. It’s recommended to add 8 oz (one glass) of water consumption for every hour of exercise.

Temperature. The body produces more sweat during exercise or in warmer environments in order to help cool us down. The hotter it gets, the more water your body needs to stay cool. It’s recommended to add 8 oz (one glass) of water consumption for every hour of time in hotter temperatures (over 70 degrees).

How to calculate your water intake?

Step 1: Weight yourself and know your true number. Here is the recommended oz. of water you should be drinking during pregnancy based on your body weight.

100 pounds = 80 oz.
110 pounds = 82 oz.
120 pounds = 84 oz.
130 pounds = 86 oz.
140 pounds = 88 oz.
150 pounds = 90 oz.
160 pounds = 92 oz.
170 pounds =  94 oz.
180 pounds = 96 oz.
190 pounds = 98 oz.
200 pounds = 100 oz.

Step 2: Now that you know your recommended minimum water intake during pregnancy, be aware of variable increases for your excersize and temperature. Here are some good examples:

130 pound woman who runs for 1 hour per day outside in 75 degree weather.

88 oz + 8 oz (run) + 8 oz (temperature) = 106 oz./day

How do I track my daily water intake?

Use our BellyBottle! We’ve designed a custom water bottle specifically for pregnant woman. It’s a Nalgene water bottle with a custom print used for easily tracking hourly water intake through out your day.

– hourly markers for water intake
– weekly due date countdown
– helpful hydration tips
– BPA Free
– durable
– no plastic taste
– easy to clean
– made in the U.S.A

About the Print:
We taken the most popular water intake levels, under 180 pounds, and printed hourly drinking levels for your entire day. So as long as your body weight during pregnancy is under 180 pounds, this bottle will work for you! Even if you weigh 130, drinking a bit extra won’t do any harm, only good.

We wanted to make the water bottle special not just by day, but by month. Therefore, we’ve also printed on a monthly due date countdown so you can see how close you’re getting to the big day! Easily apply stickers or use a marker to count down the weeks.

There’s also a few helpful tips on how to keep your hydration up in hot weather and during exersize.

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